"I build narratives with carefully rendered, subtly absurd creatures. Adding elements from one familiar creature to another changes its means of communication and movement, as well as its motives, which are already often obscure to the viewer. The interactions between actors and the behavior of solitary figures take on new meanings. They possess grandeur in their often minuscule scale, existing within pristine spaces."

    Lindsay Kohles lives in Bellingham, Washington. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts "with Excellence" in Printmaking, with a BA in Creative Writing, and a minor in Art History, from Western Washington University in 2010. She has shown and sold her work at several shows and galleries, including most recently the Annual Art Auction at the Museum of Northwest Art, Smith & Vallee, and the Emerald Art Center in Eugene, Oregon. She also enjoys hiking, birdwatching, traveling, gardening, and making wisecracks.